Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our hotdogs church

First day of summer, the temperature finally matched the season, and it was time for PRAYZE. Funny, last month we thought maybe we should have moved the grill in order to be in the sun, but last night we needed to keep it in the shade. How things change!

If you aren't familiar with our PRAYZE, it's a different kind of worship, sometimes we sit in a classroom and study a passage, along with singing some praise songs, or even a hymn, but during the summer we like to move outside, bring out the grill and 'be church'. Who ever shows up is there,there might be music (last night Karen brought her guitar, so we had some singing) but the only sermon preached is done with actions not words, it's the one that we live.

Jess told me that he went through 20 packages of hot dogs last night -that would have been a lot of hotdogs for the 15 or so that were there from the church, but we like to share. So we offer hotdogs to anyone going by.

One man told us that we were God's way of providing him a miracle. He's homeless and was hungry, wondering where he could find something to eat when Lynn and Sharon invited him to come over for a hotdog.

Kids are always hungry, so they're happy, and some of the adults that showed up may not have had a meal yesterday either. Other people just stopped to visit, to listen to the music, and to enjoy the fellowship.

I shudder to think that the way to a person's soul is through a hotdog, but we plant seeds, we share God's love, we invite people to fellowship with us on Sunday morning, and we remind people that we're there, that our church body is a part of the community and that we exist to share the Gospel.

Now if we could just figure out why hotdogs come in packages of 8 and the buns come in packages of 10.


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