Saturday, July 7, 2012


Some days I wish I had a camera; actually I do have a camera, It's just usually not with me when it would come in handy. Of course at those Kodak moments, I usually can't do anything other than hold my breath and try not to scare something away. Besides I'm a klutz with a kamera, by the time the thing was focused, aimed, and had the right f-stop and aperture, the subject would have flown the coop.

So the camera in my mind makes memories.

I like watching hummingbirds, but I've always wondered where they come from. I know the theory, they're birds - they come from eggs. But have you ever watched a hummingbird? When do they slow down long enough to lay an egg? And how could they sit on them long enough to hatch them? (BTW if you google it,  the various experts say the eggs hatch at somewhere between 13 and 23 days- depending.)

But the other day a friend showed me a hummingbird nest. It looked like a knot on a pine tree; and I'll take my friend's word for it that there were two eggs in the nest. I couldn't see them since the bird was sitting on them. She just sat there while we looked. Wish I had had my camera with me.

And the hummingbird story gets even cooler. My water bottle is red. Hummingbirds like red. And as we were sitting at a picnic table, two of the little critters decided that they wanted a drink. I wish I had had the camera, but trying to get it focused and aimed to take the picture probably would have scared them away long before they got up close and personal with the water bottle.

But I do have the memories. Too bad you can't see the pictures on the inside of my mind!

Some days God just likes to show off. Really. After all, when was the last time you shared your water bottle with a hummingbird.  Thanks, God. That made my day.

Now if you could just teach me how to use a camera.

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