Friday, November 30, 2012

Oliver Twist radio theater

Focus on the Family’s Radio Theater presentation gets five stars! From the very beginning I was entranced as I was drawn into the London of many years ago. I think I read the book once upon a time, but not much of it stuck with me, other than remembering that they made a movie about it, and someone sang a song about somebody wanting ‘more’. Since I didn't remember the story, every twist and turn was new to me, and kept me fascinated.
            Oliver Twist has a rather inauspicious start to life; people and circumstances seem to conspire to make things even worse. Always charming and pleasant, poor Oliver is at a loss to explain what is happening.  As his life takes turns for better and for worse, we are exposed to the rawness of the human condition (hence the recommendation of 12+ years). The human condition of 19th century England is remarkable similar to 21st century America, and then as now, we find that while negativity often gets more press, that there are still good people doing the right thing for the right reasons.
            Listening to all 5 CDs takes some time, so settle back and prepare to be entertained.  After the rest of the family has had the opportunity to listen and delight in this presentation, I plan to donate the set to my son’s High School English teacher.
            The bonus DVD provides interesting insight, and although some things have changed, when it comes to orphans, 200 years isn't enough to erase the pain.
            I received a copy of this CD/DVD set in exchange for an unbiased review.  

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