Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I just love tech "Support"

Yesterday my tablet wouldn't work...well it worked, just wouldn't do everything it's supposed to do. It couldn't find the internet. Took it with me to someplace else and still still no luck.  Come back home and since the lap tops can connect I figure it must be a problem with my 8 month old tablet.  Call tech support. After 1 hangup and 2 transfers,  finally got to talk with someone who was fairly rude, (i didn't appreciate the fact that while he was supposedly looking for a solution, he left the line open so I could hear the jokes being made - he tells me his was liacing (or something like that))

After a while he tells me that he has identified a problem...it's the software, and can be easily fixed remotely, but since my 1 year warranty expired last week, it will cost me $119.00 Yeah I bought the device in Nov, it's now early June, but the one year warranty has already expired, and just a week ago at that....go figure.
In the meantime Nolan tells me that his I-Pod and his tablet are doing the same thing, so maybe it's not the device after all.

I tell the techie his warranty info is wrong, and that I'm going to explore other options.

Call the internet provider, input telephone number 4 times, get transferred to several different departments and finally get to talk to someone who assures me that it's an easy fix, but first, do i know all about "ABC services"?  Nope, so she proceeds to tell me. After a couple of minutes I interrupt to tell her I'm not interested in the upsell, can we just get back to fixing the connectivity problem...... but now, instead of this being an easy fix, of course it's a very complicated problem that's not covered under the basic service agreement. But I can buy the extended service plan, and they'll get me taken care of.

Forget you too!

Next step: what I should have done before wasting time on those calls to Bangladesh!  Unplugged the modem, waited 15 seconds and plugged it back in.  Devices working as advertised.

So glad I didn't pay over $100.00 to have somebody tell me to pull the plug ☺

Device 101...doesn't work? reboot.  if it works, good, if not, unplug something, wait 15 seconds, and plug it back in. Still doesn't work?  go buy a new one. Does it work now? That will be $119.00, thanks for calling!

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