Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trusting God's Plans - VeggieTale Style

Bob and Larry are at it again as they tell the story of Noah's Ark - Veggies Style.   As the movie starts Noah's son Shem (voiced by Wayne Brady) and his new bride are returning  from their honeymoon  - yeah, there is a little artistic license here.  They're talking about their plans as they start their new life together. The plans call for building a new house, but when they get home, there is a surprise waiting for them. Right where they were planning on building their house there is another kind of construction going on.  Noah is building an Ark.
                They live in a desert, it's not raining, and Noah is building a huge boat.  Instead  of the neighbors wondering what's going on, it's Shem, but we get the picture.  The Animals arrive and come on to the ark, Noah gives the 'crew' their assignments, but Shem has plans of his own that he wants to put into play; he's bound and determined, but then it starts to rain, and suddenly the Ark doesn't seem like such a bad idea.
                So Noah's family and their floating zoo endure the flood, and as you might expect, the  being cooped up for so long leads to tensions, but the ever present  lesson is that God has a plan, and that we should learn to trust Him even when our plans are, well, our plans and we want to make them happen.
                Kids of all ages will Love Bob and Larry and other favorite Veggies in this timeless story told in a way that only the VeggieTales team could tell it.  Be ready to gasp for breath, and then sigh with relief as the Ark survives mammoth waves. Laugh at the antics of the animals, and nod knowingly when the Ark lands on the mountain, the birds go out, finally a dove returns with an olive branch, everyone leaves the ark, and finally we see the rainbow - God's promise to his people.  An eternal promise that means that we can and should trust God,  even when his plans don't match ours.
                Fun new songs,  and Larry nails it again with his silly song

I received a copy of the DVD in exchange for the review. My friends  at Grace Hill Media also sent me a copy to give away to a reader of the blog. First person (in the Continental 48) to comment here with why they like VeggieTales gets it for his/her collection.

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  1. Wayne Feller had trouble posting here, so he hit me up on FB...hope Alix enjoys the story of Noah's Ark --- Veggie Style