Saturday, June 11, 2016

Conjuring 2 giveaway

As Fallon said last night on the late show, Conjuring 2 opens this weekend. This is a film that depicts evil. And evil is real, but unlike much of what comes out of Hollywood, this is a film that depicts evil as evil. The advance info that I've seen indicates that this is a scary movie, but there are some opportunities to talk to friends about evil. Some questions that you might want to ask yourself or your family and friends include things like:

 Do you believe in good and evil? In the spiritual realm? In the human realm?

If you do believe in evil, what do you believe is the source of it?

If you do believe in evil, how do you think it can be defeated?

What do you think about the trend in entertainment to make heroes out of characters that have traditionally been villainous?

            To help get the conversation started the producers have offered me the opportunity to host a            giveaway on the blog.  If you're within the Ogden-Clearfield area be the first to comment for a            Tee-Shirt, cup and journal.

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