Saturday, January 7, 2017

miracles then and now

A lot of people believe in miracles. Some people see miracles all over the place: a parking space opens up just as they’re ready to leave the Wal-Mart parking lot after circling around 3 times. Some people see miracles when a loved one is healed of cancer. For others the miracle moment is the dream job, or the perfect baby 10 fingers and 10 toes, after years of trying to start a family. For others it’s the miracles of Jesus, 2000 years ago. And even then it’s hard to say if they really believe in them. For some people that Jesus kind of miracles still happen today, but for others, those miracles died out years ago.
The miracle that God has in store for you today may just be understanding that those miracles of long ago might just have some bearing on your current reality. Find Your Miracle: How the Miracles of Jesus Can Change Your Life Today (WaterBrook, 2016) is Kerry and Christ Shook’s picture of that ‘miracle map’ that gets you from point A to Point B—in other words a connection between the Jesus miracles of those long ago moments to “our needs today for revelation, transformation, and restoration.”
The book covers 9 familiar biblical miracles as performed by Jesus and recorded in the Gospels, and applies them to life circumstances such as when you’re stuck, overwhelmed or discouraged, afraid, hurting or longing for something new. And somehow this new ‘take’ seems to work. At least most of the time.
It was easy for me to get caught up in the miracle, and in the telling of the story and how it applies, but forget that I should be seeking Jesus rather than the miracle. That fact is mentioned, it’s pointed out, but I would have liked to see it accented a little more heavily.  We live in a world that doesn’t always want to see Jesus as the source. We live in a world that doesn’t want to conform to God's laws. We don’t want to do the work, just reap the reward.
I’m glad I got the book, and there is definitely good material here for someone trying to understand why we have to read about Jesus making a mud plaster out of spit and dust and using it to bring sight to the blind.
I received a copy of this book as part of WaterBrook’s blogging for books program. I was not required to write a positive review.


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