Thursday, June 29, 2017

get the on line reviews your book deserves

free ebook at Amazon from 4-6 July 2017
If you’re reading Jason Ladd’s new book, it’s probably because you’re writing one of your own. And if you write, you want someone (preferably lots of someones) to read it. When I blog (fairly rarely, but still) I’m writing and hoping that someone will read what I’ve taken the time to write. Writing a book means more hoping than a mere blog post. 
And that’s Jason’s premise in Book Review Banzai: The Unknown Author’s Ultimate Guide to Getting Amazon Reviews (Boone Shepherd LLC, 2017).  It’s a short read, and Ladd has an engaging writing style. I’m not very techno savvy, but even some of the technical stuff seems doable the way he describes and explains it.
I happen to have a young adult living in my house who can help me with some of that techie stuff, importing, extractions, spread sheets and the rest, so while he’s doing that, I can use some of the other techniques that Jason talks about to find the right people to  read the book and write a review. The title should have given you that clue.
Most people who I know have a book waiting to be written, but like me they don’t know where to start with the fun stuff that comes after the book is written: getting it sold. I like to read, and I notice that a lot of the books that I buy have an invitation to write a review and post it on my blog, but also, and especially on Amazon and other sites. I do that frequently, and as a result often get asked to read and review a book. (Free books, YAY!!!) But it never really dawned on me just how important those amazon reviews are when it comes to marketing the book.
So in a nutshell, this book is about finding the people that will read your book, and post the reviews that make Amazon and other online booksellers sit up and take notice (and when they notice, your book goes to the top of the list—can’t beat that for part of your marketing strategy.
Is it easy? Probably not, but if you’ve gone to the effort to write the book, and you want others to read it, you better be willing to invest the time.
And just so you know, Jason follows his own advice. He ‘found’ me and asked me to review his book. What are the connections? I frequently review books on my blog, and because he checked my profile, he’s seen that I retired from the Air Force. That military connection gave him something with which to personalize his emails. (That’s how he got me to review his book One of the Few)
            He also suggests that the author be willing to offer review copies of the ebook for free. Some of them go out before the release date, and sometimes you have to be willing to offer the free ebook even after publication. This is another tip he follows: Book Review Banzai is free on Amazon from 4-6 July.
                That’s right, you can get your own free copy of the ebook from the 4th to the 6th of July. Head to amazon dot com, next Tuesday morning, and start using Jason’s techniques to market your book on Tuesday afternoon.


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