Thursday, February 3, 2011

put on your coat

This morning as I was driving Nolan to school, I saw a couple of people waiting for the bus. They were shivering - hugging themselves trying to stay warm. It was a brisk 11 degrees, and I really wanted to feel sorry for them. Really.

No, what I really wanted to do was stop and ask them 'really?' I wanted to ask how cold it would have to be before they put their coats on.  I wanted to be a parent and ask if they were trying to catch pneumonia. They appeared to be of an age to be in High School, they were nicely dressed, and if it happened to be a balmy day in April, they would have been appropriately dressed for the weather. But it's not balmy April, it's arctic February. And I wanted to ask them what they were thinking and tell them to put on a coat.

And I should be used to it by now, for 16 years I've watched kids wearing shorts, t-shirts, and sandals during Utah winters. I wonder how they stand it, but then who am I to question? After all, I do Polar Bear Plunges. At least they're staying dry.

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