Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review " My 30 days Under the Overpass"

I normally don’t like ‘devotional books’, but because I so thoroughly enjoyed Under the Overpass, I bought this book, and was pleasantly surprised. With the same engaging style as in the book, Yankoski manages to make us think, and then when we’re in the frame of mind to do something about what God has put on our hearts, he asks the questions that should lead us to an idea of what we can do. By the way, what we can do for the hungry and homeless doesn’t always involve money, and sometimes the fact that you’re willing to show you care by giving of your time means as much or more than a $20.00 bill.

After each week of daily devotions, there is an opportunity to reflect in writing on some of the simple questions that we might have been asking all along.

This book isn’t quite as powerful as the book it’s based on, but it still is one of those books that makes you think, and forces you to toss away some of the pre-conceived ideas and baggage that might come to mind when you see a homeless person, or a beggar on the street.

I wasn't paid for reviewing this book.

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