Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prayer Can Bring You Closer to God

John I Snyder’s book on prayer is needed, but I’m not sure it went far enough to attain its stated purpose. I firmly believe that God acts in His time not ours and think we should be a little more aggressive in reminding people that sometimes the answer, just like we tell our kids, is “you’re going to have to wait”.
That being said, I enjoyed “Your 100 Day Prayer: the Transforming Power of Actively Waiting on God”. Snyder teaches us how to pray “with boldness, asking for the moon.” He shows us a new way to go to the creator of the universe with our prayers, and gives us the prayers to do so.
This book is not about the prayers that we might offer up on the morning of a test: dear God, let me get a good grade on the math quiz. No, this is about the prayers that go beyond the little things that we usually pray for. The author says that he’s showing us a model of prayer to be used ‘when facing a crisis or problem of greater than normal difficulty’.
He teaches us about the power of sustained prayer, a prayer that is repeated many times over a period of time when we’re facing major issues or decisions. Those times when we ought to be remembering to go to the Lord in prayer, because that’s when we need it.
For 100 days we are invited to focus on a single problem or issue. The book is laid out simply: a scripture verse, a devotional thought, a short prayer, and a place to record our own thoughts, insights, or answers.
There’s even a section on helping us get through the times when it seems that God is ignoring us, or just flat says no.
Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer; unfortunately most of us aren’t that disciplined. This book is an excellent way of getting into the habit of daily prayer. And you might just be surprised how much closer you feel to God as you intentionally spend time with Him each day!

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for writing an unbiased review.

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