Friday, September 16, 2011


It’s been interesting to talk to people lately and discover what they’re looking for in a church. It’s even more interesting to see how some people’s ideas of what the church should be like closely parallel the advertizing campaigns of major retailers.
Seems like very few people are interested in the church that talks about what happened in the Garden of Eden, they don’t want to hear from the Prophet Isaiah about the Suffering Servant. Fulfilling the Great Commission isn’t high on most people’s to do list or their ‘bucket list’. They don’t want to humble themselves like Paul writes of Christ doing (Philippians 2). And they certainly don’t want to hear about Hell. (Most people, though, do like the idea of Heaven.) Spiritual disciplines, serving and giving aren’t high on the list either.
So what do some people want in their churches?
We can turn to major food and retail chains for the world’s picture of the ‘perfect’ church:
Burger King – Do it your way. (As long as you’re comfortable with it; pick what you like and leave the rest)
Baskin Robbins – 31 flavors. (Something for everyone, try something different every time you come through the doors. Mix and match depending on your mood)
Sears – the Softer Side. (let’s make sure you’re comfortable)
Wal-Mart - Always low prices...Always. (‘Roll Back” on tithing?)
Starbucks – Take comfort in rituals. (Find something you like, that relaxes you, and stick with it)
Staples – That Was Easy. (I work hard all week, Sunday should be kick back time)
Nike – Just Do it! ( get it over with already, so I can go home and watch the ball game)
Amazon - and you’re done! (Go on line and find the church you like and have it instantly downloaded to your computer or shipped to your house for your enjoyment at a convenient time.
Prudential Financial: Growing and Protecting Your Wealth (Prosperity Gospel, anyone?)

How about it, do you have a slogan that describes the church you’re looking for?
(I kinda like Ford’s: Built for the road ahead!)

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