Thursday, September 20, 2012

UNLEASH! the you that God wants you to be

Perry Noble, the pastor at a small (about 16,000 average attendance at 7 locations throughout South Carolina) southern church, has written a book, and it’s just what you would expect from Perry if you’ve listened to his sermons or podcasts or read his updates: “A letter from Pastor P to New Spring Church”.  UNLEASH! (Tyndale House, 2012) is down home wisdom, grounded in and backed by Scripture, about how to live the life that God intended us to live. A life that’s free from the restraints that hold so many of us back from the things that God has in store for us. A life that leaves normal in the dust as it sets out to embrace the power of the Holy Spirit.
            Most people have heard the story of King David, and Noble uses that as the focus of UNLEASH.  David may have done some great things in his life time, but he sure didn’t start out as a giant killer. When Samuel came looking for the future king that he was to anoint, David’s father didn’t even present him before the prophet. Samuel finally asks if there isn’t another son, and is told, yes, but he’s a nobody, a nothing, and he’s out tending the sheep.  God uses the strangest people to do the most wonderful things, and this book is full of examples of how every one of us is destined for greatness in God's eyes, and then there are some ideas about how to let God take us to that place.
Noble says that a lot depends on how we see God: “if He’s small, manageable and normal
 then our view of what He can do through us is going to be about the same, but if we realize how great He really is, then what we can do, through Christ who strengthens us” takes on a whole new meaning.
This book is a little bit autobiography, as the author shares a lot of the hurt and pain in his life; it’s a little bit memoir, as he shares personal stories, his and others, that explain how faith works in their lives. And it’s a lot of encouragement and love. It’s full of appropriate scriptures, and suddenly some of those things that we’ve always wondered about make sense.
If you’ve been wondering “is this all there is?” the answer is “no!”  and UNLEASH is the book that will help you figure out what your next step should be!

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