Monday, July 7, 2014

learning to trust completely in God

Every once in a while someone writes a book that defies logic, contradicts everything you thought you knew, and, as it forces you to color outside the lines and think outside the box about faith in general and your faith in particular, makes perfect sense. I had doubts about reviewing Kevin Adams’ The Extravagant Fool, (Zondervan, 2104) – I was hoping for readable, expecting too much schmaltz, and pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable a read that this book provides.
Adams had it all, and then he lost everything, but in the process he found something much more valuable: the ability to learn to trust God. He found the faith that helped him learn to rely on God. Lots of people say they have faith, and far be it from me to challenge their claims; but throughout this book I was impressed again and again by the difference between saying you have faith, and putting that faith in action.  This is a faith that risks.
Lots of people have a personal story about God showing up in their time of need and they lived happily ever after. Adams takes it a step further as he describes the journey from the point where God showed up, several times actually, to the point of being able to walk completely by faith.
Read carefully, or you’ll miss some of the nuggets that often appear out of nowhere. Or maybe that’s just God's way of telling me I need to learn to rely on Him more and more.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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