Friday, August 29, 2014

Be the Message - a brief review

For many years we've all heard that St Francis once said “Share the gospel every day. Use words when necessary.”  Whether it was Francis who said it or not, and whether those were the exact words (or words as translated) is irrelevant. Somebody said it (or something similar) and many people think it’s a good idea. Other than to say that I think words – actually ‘the Word’- is absolutely necessary, I am delighted that Kerry and Chris Shook have managed to provide a practical way to share the gospel other than in the form of a sermon.
Be the Message: Taking Your Faith beyond Words to a LIFE of Action (WaterBrook Press, 2014) reminds us that Christianity involves more than sitting in church for an hour on Sunday.   Not only do they remind us that modern day Christianity no longer seems Christian (quoting Kinnaman in Unchristian), they proceed to offer practical examples of what we can do to remedy that. They remind us that the way we follow Jesus is by living the gospel, not just quoting the right scripture for any occasion.
One of the most powerful concepts they discuss (page 42) is the fact that the Word of God lives in us. Jesus is the Word of God. The Word is the gospel, Christ (the Word) lives in us, so we’re the gospel.
The book is full of examples of how to live as the Word of God, how to live the gospel. How to be the message.
More than just a sermon, this book is a blueprint for becoming the gospel that followers of Christ are meant to be.


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