Friday, August 15, 2014

India has a "Prime Servant': New PM, New Goals

The movie "Veil of Tears" (learn about the movie) touched my heart and made me want to do something to help vast numbers of women in India who are in bondage of many different kinds. Watch the movie to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

It's a sad state of affairs, so  I was pleased to read a news article this morning that addresses some of those issues, and addresses them at a level that I will never reach. You can read the article here: New PM urges end to violence against women
Prime Minister Narendra Modi basically says that the status quo is unacceptable, and that parents should stop treating their sons so much better than the daughters are often treated. This statement may be a generalization, but in some areas, I'm sure it's the norm. I know some people from India who would be offended to think that we suspected such behavior in their families. 

The 'Prime Servant' as he called himself calls on parents to teach their sons the difference between right and wrong in a country that has been shamed by misogynistic behavior. He also announced a goal of "eradicating poverty in [a country] where hundreds of millions live on less than a dollar a day.

My prayer is that the goals are met. 

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