Friday, December 16, 2016

GFA Challenge Day 36 Bridge of Hope

There’s a lot more to sharing the Love of Jesus than handing someone a bible and encouraging them to have a nice day. It goes even further than sharing the gospel story, leading someone in the sinner’s prayer, and then allowing them to go forth and sin happily ever after.  Sending a check can be a good thing, but people want, and need, to see the love of Jesus demonstrated. And on a regular basis that is happening at Bridge of Hope, a children’s ministry of Gospel for Asia. And amid beautiful scenery well fed, healthy children can experience hope and joy.

Yes they get a bible, yes they hear the gospel, yes there is someone to lead them in a prayer; and all of those things are definitely important, but there is so much more that the Bridge of Hope children need. And it’s provided at the GFA sponsored schools.

They hear about Jesus, but also get healthy meals. They learn the stories of the Bible and they also get much needed medical care.  In areas of the world where poverty is the norm, children are being offered the opportunity to escape that trap, they can break the cycle of inter-generational poverty. They learn about—and learn to have—hope. And the hope they find is a hope that they can share with their entire family.  

                In a perfect world there would be no need for Bridge of Hope Ministries, but perfect is a long ways off, and so we are grateful for this arm of Gospel for Asia and their efforts in this area. Bridge of Hope allows you to partner financially, to sponsor a child, to help break the cycle. Children learn self-esteem, they learn their part in caring for God's creation, and they learn to be productive citizens. When you sponsor a child, your donations go directly to Bridge of Hope programs, you can correspond with your child, and know that your prayers are making a difference.
Read more about this program and the children it supports HERE

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