Saturday, December 24, 2016

inspiration plus

This guy continues to inspire me more than I can imagine, and more than he'll probably ever know.  A while back I asked my friend JaNae, if she thought that the paper would print a story by Janvier about his thoughts on Christmas in the Congo, in the Refugee Camps, and his thoughts about the way we celebrate Christmas here.
The editorial board liked the idea so much that they assigned the story to JaNae, and also assigned a videographer (Matt Herp)

The result is a wonderful front page story front page story with Matt's video embedded. You can also watch the video on you tube

Sometimes stories like the ones of Janvier and so many other refugees really help me to put things in perspective.

I volunteer with another refugee family.  They were in a camp in Tanzania (Janvier was in a camp in Rwanda). Yesterday we took them presents...they were surprised. Their Christmas celebrations in Africa focused on Church and food, family and friends.

in fact one of the volunteers has been reading them a book about Santa and Jesus. The little kids got excited about Santa, but they all agreed that Santa, snowmen, reindeer, and elves don't really have anything to do with the Christmas season.

We have lots to learn from our new neighbors!

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