Wednesday, August 2, 2017

faith lessons from a horror story

Sometimes blessings come from unexpected places, and sometimes valuable lessons come from pretty strange sources.  For example, would you expect a horror movie to be a source of valuable Faith lessons?
                Yeah, me neither. At least not usually. But sometimes that happens.  In fact, there’s a scary movie being released next week that offers some valuable insight into how when we’re at our weakest, we are ever so susceptible to falling prey to temptation.
                Annabelle: Creation, the story of a possessed deal releases in theaters o Friday August the trailer here
                And one of the main lessons we can learn from films about the supernatural is that evil is real. It’s real, it’s frightening, and when we’re at our best, we tend to walk away, but in moments of weakness, and despair, we’re much more likely to embrace it, especially if it seems that we’ll be able to find answers to our questions, or relief from pain and sorrow.
                So no, I’m not recommending OUIJA boards, I’m not suggesting tarot decks, just offering a commentary on the whys of their use.
                So, ‘Annabelle: Creation’ starts with every parent’s worst nightmare: the unexpected and sudden death of a child. And in the midst of their broken heartedness, opportunities arise for them to find answers. The problem is that by the time they realize that the hoped-for answers aren’t forth-coming, they have been drawn down a dark path.
                Horror exists, horror I evil, but Christians have read the book, and we know how the story ends. God defeats evil. So instead of turning to the supernatural instead of God, we should know that we need to use our faith, to use prayer, to call upon God. He has the answers to our questions. He can help us in our times of grief.

                The movie tells a story, and like all stories it teaches a lesson.  Let the lesson you learn from this be that God is the answer, in our darkest moments, God can heal our bodies and our souls. 

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