Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did You Oil Your Eyeglasses?

So yesterday afternoon some friends came over and we played games. You've been to those gatherings where people play games. In a lot of situations games are bad, but in this case they were good. They weren’t the social encounter type of games where you try to avoid saying what you’re really thinking, but what you’re really thinking is so obvious that you really don’t need to say it. It wasn’t one of those games where you keep checking to see where your spouse is as you’re flirting with all the other guests.

Nope we were playing board games. 'Tabu', where you give clues, but certain words are Taboo as clues and your teammates try to guess the word. And another one that has something to do with sentences. Everyone picks 10 cards and makes up sentences with the random words on the cards. The more points the better.

Sometimes as the evening goes on, adult board games, or kids board games played by adults, get pretty ridiculous as the players get a little oiled, but the only thing that got oiled yesterday was a pair of eyeglasses. Say What?
We stuck to finger foods, water, soda, and coffee, and about the most exotic consumable was some flavored creamer for the coffee.

And we had fun.

We laughed, we watched the snow fall, and just enjoyed each other’s company.
As far as the oiled eyeglasses? The winning sentence went something like this: George Washington dripped sloppy oil on coldly twisted eyeglasses. Grammatically correct, almost makes sense, and was worth a lot of points!

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to entertain you when you’re in good company. And I thank God for putting that good company into my life.

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