Friday, December 31, 2010

What's on Your List?

We are society that is obsessed with lists: bucket lists, shopping lists, and to do lists. There was even a book written a few years ago called the Book of Lists. And it seems that this time of year we’re more obsessed than ever.

It starts in late November or early December with the lists that the little ones make in the form of a letter to Santa, followed by the list of naughty and nice that the jolly old guy makes and checks twice, and now we’re into lists of New Year’s resolutions, top 10 lists of news stories, blogs, favorite movies, books, songs, and even the top 10 technological advances of the year.

There’s lists being tweeted, posted on Facebook, broadcast on television and on the radio and printed in the local newspaper. And that doesn’t start to cover the major news magazine countdowns.

There are even lists of negative things, like the worst dressed, the dumbest things said by politicians and most inappropriate things said by public figures.
Seems like all the major things have been covered so maybe somebody should come up with lists of least favorite vegetables, most annoying friends and family members, or ugliest dresses seen in church.

So instead of lists of New Year’s resolutions you’re not going to keep, books you’re not going to read, movies you’re not going to watch, and things said by people you don’t care about, what would be a list that would interest you?

My list would probably be the top ten ‘entitlement oriented people’, but it would be hard to keep it to 10. Any suggestions?

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