Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review: "Awakening", by Stovall Weems

I’m a proponent of fasting, so for the most part I enjoyed this book. I’m afraid for the people that might think that all their problems might be solved in 21 days if they just change the way they eat. However this would be more their problem than a problem with the book other than the fact that disclaimers don’t jump out and smack you in the face.

There are a lot of great programs out there and usually I’m more tempted to try them if the author/pastor/futurist/president/CEO makes a point of saying that this worked for them, but in your context and culture some tweaks may be needed. But as Craig Groeschel writes in the foreward, “Stovall is a bit weird – in the best sort of way”, and “normal is not working very well.” So let’s go with weird, get away from normal, and see what happens for the glory of God.

Weems presents a lot of good information about fasting, and about the importance of prayer and fasting, along with some testimonials that call for tissues as you rejoice with the people who really had their awakening as a result of Celebration’s 21 days of prayer and fasting. Most of it doesn’t seem like anything new, but he doesn’t claim that it is. What I am really looking forward to trying, either alone or with some people from the church where I worship, is the material at the end of the book: guidelines for your own ‘21 days’.

There is also a website for additional resources and to get involved with Celebration Church when they fast next January.

Biggest take away for me is the reminder that this is not a diet, it’s a call to get closer to God, and Weems provides encouragement and tools for a 21 day Awakening experience to become a way of life.

I received this book free from the publisher for agreeing to review it.

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