Friday, March 11, 2011

Stock Market Crazies

I need to get a degree in glocal economics.

The other day the various indices of the Stock Market, those confusing jumbles of letters that everyone quotes so knowingly (usually without having a clue what they mean) all dropped because the fighting in Libya was responsible for raising the price of crude oil. I was so comforted when the experts pointed out that we don't even get oil from Libya, but that at some point this type of activity may occur in those places from which we do get oil, so it makes sense to raise the prices and for the market to react.

The next day, the markets were up, because they had overreacted.

The following day the markets were down again because the price of crude oil had dropped.

Recently the markets reacted when the unemployment numbers, jobless rates and other indicators were worse than expected. The next week they dropped again when those same indicators were better than expected.

Today the markets are set to drop again after a tsunami in Japan, which ranked high on a scale of 1 to 10, but so far hasn't been responsible for as much damage or anywhere where near the number of deaths that other tsunamis and earthquakes have caused.

So in our new glocal (global/local)economy it doesn't seem to matter what happens or where it happens, it impacts us all. Sometimes it's for the better, sometimes for the worse. But we can't escape the fallout.

When it comes to the economy, regardless of what continent we're on, what socio-economic status we hold, race or nationality, we're pretty much all in this together.

The glocal economy has an impact on a lot of people, but there's something that should be having a bigger impact on the world's population than the economy, a more noticeable impact than it is having: that something is the gospel.

Funny how the markets don't respons when something truly momentous occurs. The Dow doesn't fall when Christian liberties are attacked, the NASDAQ doesn't spike when someone decides to accept  Christ as Lord and Savior. 

Maybe that's becasue God is in charge, and He's just not all that interested in the stock market. He's more interested in the hearts of people around the world, than he is the size of our savings accounts.

Since the market is going to respond as it will to what ever is happening, maybe we should be making things that matter happen, forget about the treasures on earth that are subject to moths and thieves, and start storing up treasures in heaven.

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