Friday, August 19, 2011

Muscular Faith - a review

“We are not born again by good works; we are born again for good works." Ben Patterson tells us about the difference in Muscular Faith: How to Strengthen Your Heart, Soul and Mind for the Only Challenge That Matters. He reminds us that the Apostle Paul says that the intent of grace is to make us God's masterpiece. Starting with the premise that we don’t do good works in order to be saved, we do good works because we are saved, Patterson takes us on a journey of what life looks like inside the kingdom.
The concept of “finishing well” as Paul wrote about in his epistles, is one that intrigues me. And with Paul’s life as a part of the background, the reader is allowed a glimpse of the ‘muscular faith’ that kingdom life involves. In other words, Christianity is not for wimps. It’s also not for people who think that as we have to do to be considered a good Christian is show up at church once in a while. Community is a part of the faith that God graces us with, and that He wants us to experience.
Accepting the call requires a conscious decision, the stakes are high but there definitely are obstacles. And this is not a short term mission trip. It requires commitment, and perseverance.
Especially helpful are the chapters found in PART 4: The Essentials. Prayer, Sabbath, joy, and a host of other things keep us on the narrow path that leads to Jesus.
A pleasant read, with lots of insight from an experienced pastor.
I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased opinion of the book

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