Friday, August 19, 2011

There’s a rumor going around…

I liked the book "Rumors of God: Experience the Kind of Faith You've Only Heard About". Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson have written a fun and easy to read book which, by the way, goes a lot deeper than just fun and easy. Over and over I found myself backing up to see if I had ‘really just read that'.
Part of the reason that this book is such an enjoyable read is because we so rarely slow down long enough to really look at and evaluate what’s going on in our lives. “Rumors” catches us off guard and forces us to look back a little, to think about what’s going on around us and to reevaluate what we think, what we know, and what we think we know.
"Rumors of God" includes rumors of abundant life, generosity, love, grace, freedom, commitment, community, justice, hope and so much more. But here’s the kicker: it’s not just rumors - it’s fact, it’s real, it’s God's truth.
Using Scripture, along with examples drawn from real life, we get a chance to see what Jesus is calling us to do to usher in the Kingdom. Along the way they slaughter some sacred cows (where ever did we get the idea that worship was all about making us feel good? It’s supposed to be something we offer up to God).
This book may be an easy read, but accepting the reality of the kingdom life requires mush more than just skimming the surface. Don’t just listen to the rumors, dig a little deeper and discover the truth that God has in store for each of us.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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