Thursday, April 23, 2015

let the bible help you discover Jesus

            What a concept! Read the Bible and discover for yourself who Jesus was and is. Rebecca Manley Pippert invites us to do just that in :Uncovering the Life of Jesus: "Six Encounters with Jesus from the Gospel of Luke:" (The GoodBook Company, 2015).
            As Piper notes in the introduction, as she finally, during her investigation of various religions, decided to read the Bible, the Jesus she encountered was not what she expected. In fact this Jesus was not even the Jesus she had hoped to find. She also reminds the reader that it's important to investigate the evidence if you hope to make an informed decision.
            To help the reader, whether a believer or not, make a decision about who Jesus is, and the role that He might play in our lives, Piper has selected 6 passages from the Gospel of Luke, passages which we are invited to look at with open minds and open hearts.
            I liked this book. It's short, with 6 chapters, each one a biblical account or a parable that shows Jesus in a different light. And the fun thing is that other than a brief "historical context" at the beginning f each chapter and the "So what could this mean for us?" at the end. Piper lets the text speak for itself.

            There are a series of questions after each passage or series of passages to help guide us on our quest and ample room for notes. This book would make an excellent resource for a small group/bible study as a few people struggle together to find out who Jesus really is, rather than paint a picture of him based on the pictures that have been painted by someone else. 

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