Monday, October 17, 2016

Starting Over: Your Life Beyond RegretsEveryone has regrets. That's just a given. Sometimes we regret doing something, and sometimes we regret getting caught.  Sometimes we regret the missed opportunities and sometimes we regret that we didn't do things differently.  And along with all of those regrets there is another constant. We all have regrets that we've never don't anything about.

           But all that is about to change, and if it doesn't you can add something else to your personal  list of regrets. That's because the Ferguson brothers, Dave and Jon, have written a book that can help you break that 'sorry cycle'.  The book, Starting Over: Your Life beyond Regrets, (Waterbrook, 2016), is short: less than 200 pages, and is an easy read.

           The authors take us through what they call the 'sorry cycle': longing for more>regret>longing>regret. But people tend to stay there rather than take the next step, the step that will allow them to break that cycle and get more out of life.  People get stuck in their regrets.

          In Section two, breaking out of the sorry cycle, we are taught how to 1) recognize those regrets, 2) release the regrets and 3) redeem the regrets. Redemption has  a sense of freedom  attached to it. We can chose to be enslaved by our regrets, or we can be redeemed and find freedom.

            And the key to it all is forgiveness. Is it relationship, is it finances, it is a brutal sin or offense against you , or committed by you.  And depending on the situation there are different types of forgiveness.  The really neat thing is that it's a simple plan. A plan that sets you free from your regrets. 

                Blessed to receive an Advance Review Copy from the publisher in exchange for my opinions expressed in the form of a review.

           5/5. You'll regret not reading this book.

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