Saturday, October 29, 2016

thoughts on REBIRTH

Just a few months ago I wrote about a novel called HasteningThe premise was to send missionaries into all the world, until, a la Matthew 24:14, there was ‘no place left’ where the gospel had not been shared.  Now Stephen R Smith has released the sequel in this 'No Place Left' saga. Rebirth (2414ventures, 2016), picks up where Hastening ended.
              Senator Michael Worth, now Number Seven of a group of extreme power brokers known simply as the Ten, wants to be Number One. On his way to that exalted position he decides to take on religion, all religion, including Christianity. Of course that’s not his stated goal; he wants to be the instrument through which universal peace is finally achieved.  It’s within this context that Christopher Owens and his group, KPF (Kingdom Preparation Force), try to go to each under- and un-reached people group in the world. In Hastening we learned that they goal was to reach all groups by 2025, and in doing so be part of the generation that will ‘hasten the day” (2 Peter 3:12) and welcome Christ’s return.

                The group knows, because they have read through the biblical book of Revelation, that a lot of ugly things are going to happen before Jesus finally returns, and they prepare for the worst. Through their preparation their faith strengthens, and many are martyred for the cause.

                If you’ve read the New Testament, you’ll get many of the references to false prophets, false teachings, and some of the elements of John’s Revelation. For those who haven’t read through the Bible, the references are explained.

                If you don’t understand why missionaries do what they do, this book may give you a pretty good idea. Although there is a synopsis of Book I of the saga at the start of this book, Book II, I would recommend that you read Hastening, before digging into Rebirth.

                If you’re a Christian interested in end times, and you like pleasure reading, this novel is probably something you would enjoy.

                I received an electronic copy of the book in exchange for agreeing to post a review.


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