Saturday, October 22, 2016

GFA Day 29 Sponsor a Child

In the interest of transparency, I have to confess that I do not sponsor a child through GFA, Compassion or any other agency. Do I think sponsorship is a good idea? In many cases yes. Is it the only good idea? No.

However, I think that God will put the idea on the hearts of those who need to know about this option, and if they hear about it from this Blog, then God gets the glory. Paul wrote to the Church at Rome, (See Romans 10:13-15) building on an idea that he got while studying the scroll of the Prophet Isaiah, that before people can respond they have to hear, before hearing someone has to speak it, before they are in position to speak, they have to be sent. So today I have been sent, via blog, to speak so that people can hear, and possibly respond. God knows who needs to hear this today, and He will make sure that person or those persons get the opportunity.

I said that I don’t sponsor a child, but I do support some missionary activity that directly impacts children in situations much like those you can read about if you follow this link. I support activity that indirectly impact children like Daya and Nibun (who I’ve written about before), and I’m closely connected to the children of a refugee family with which I have the privilege and pleasure of volunteering. I even support financially a missionary couple serving in the part of the world where GFA operates.

So what is it about sponsoring a child that you need to know? If you followed the above link, you know why there is such a compelling need for sponsors. Your $35.00 a month pledge provides much needed help for people who often exist on less than $2.00 a day. It means food, it means medicine and educational opportunities.  

But more importantly you can directly impact the life of a child like this one:

Sponsorship is more than sending a check, or having a monthly charge on your credit card. The great hope is that you will develop a relationship with ‘your’ child. When you pledge, GFA sends a picture of a child, along with some personal info. You can write letters to this child, pray for him or her, and know that Bridge of Hope will ensure that your child is gaining a far brighter future, and experience the love of God. Click HERE for more info about sponsoring.

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