Monday, January 3, 2011

Broken Resolutions

Just like everybody, I started out with good intentions. This was going to be the year of getting it right, doing it right, keeping it right. I was going to get fitter and smarter, lose weight, exercise more, have a weed-free garden, never need a shave, and when I got done with all that (along about January 15th), I’d set out to solve the world’s problems, show congress how to balance the budget, and somehow figure out how to eliminate the national debt – all 74 trillion gazillion dollars, or whatever passes for dollars in Washington D.C. these days. But as I looked at what that would take, I was left wondering what I would do have left to do after about the 1st of February.

Oh sure, there are wars, and starvation, and AIDS to think about, but remember that they would all be taken care of under the category of solving all the world’s problems.

And then, like many others, I got tired just thinking about what doing all that would involve, so I opted to keep it simple.

Since I don’t have a very good track record with New Year’s resolutions, I decided to keep the list simple, and short. No sense in making myself feel too guilty over a long list of unrealistic adn unable to keep resolutions.

With simple in mind, the first is one that would be easy to break so I could get that over with and get on with my life: be a couch potato. Think about it, the entire year spent goofing off, watching endless hours of Talk Show hosts, television judges, and TV doctors.

Yeah, made me gag too.

So this morning I went to the pool and swam laps. It felt good. Due to illness, bad weather and the Christmas and New Year holidays, I haven’t got much pool time in over the past few weeks. I’ll be sore tomorrow, but by Thursday my back will be shouting 'thank you!'

And in the interest of short, there were only two resolutions on my list - I’m not doing so well with the second one either. If you happen to pass me on the highway, and I’m alone in the car but my lips are moving, I might be talking on my ‘hands-free’ cell phone, maybe I’m singing along with the radio, but I’m probably pointing out, in a very loving way of course, what I think of some of the idiots on the road, along with some good ideas for teaching them how to drive.

The 2nd resolution was to be a little kinder towards those who are so obviously ‘rules-of-the-road challenged’. So far I'm not doing so well, but maybe by the end of the year there won't be as many idiots on the road and I'll be able to do a little better.

If not there's always next year.

What resolutions have you already given up on?

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