Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beyond Talent - a review

I haven't read much of John Maxwell's material, but after reading *Beyond Talent: Become Someone Who Gets Extraordinary Results* it's easy to see why his books have sold millions of copies.

Maxwell starts with the premise that talent abounds in the world, but true success requires that we do something more with that God-given talent than just sit around and wait for it to make us rich. Talent isn't everything as so many people would like us to believe. Talent is important but by itself it won't take us very far.

Starting with Belief, moving on through Passion and Relationships to Teamwork, Maxwell lists thirteen things, that when added to talent, give it the boost that make some people successful in their field. Each chapter is full of examples of what he’s talking about, and the examples are people that I've actually heard of: sports figures, inventors, actors, politicians and the goes on. Andrew Carnegie, Winston Churchill, Tom Hanks, Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln all offer valuable lessons on how to augment your talent with one of the 13 traits that Maxwell has identified.

What others have done, how it worked for them, and tips for the reader to try are followed in each chapter by a set of application exercises, easy enough so that it’s feasible to do them, and tough enough that you feel they’ll be beneficial.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who knows he has talent, and just can’t figure out why he hasn’t gotten further along in life than he has.

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