Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hotdogs and the Gospel

A few weeks ago we decided that weather permitting we would start holding our monthly PRAYZE meeting outside in May, weather permitting. It was warm and windy and Sunday, cloudy and cool on Monday, and it poured on Tuesday-- until about 3 pm; even after we got to the church there was some question as to whether we would be outside or inside. The sun was shining so we opted for outside.

When we meet inside the church, we pray, we sing, and we have a bible study, but outside, well things are different. We make lemonade, cook hotdogs on the grill, and get to meet our neighbors. It’s different every time we do this, and last night Kassidy played her guitar and Nolan brought out the keyboard (hit a button and it plays a song) but he also played a little.

We wander around talking to people, and explain to them that God has blessed us as individuals and as a church, and so we want to bless others. My ‘instructions’ to the group that shows up are simple: everyone that we talk to, at the very least, needs to be invited to attend church on Sunday. Sometimes we get to share a bit more of the gospel message, other times not so much, but we’re planting seeds.

You’re right, most of them don’t come, but at least we’ve made the offer, and to be honest, some of the people we talk to are already attending another church, and I’m not really interested in being a shepherd that steals from someone else’s flock.

And along the way there are some surprises: last night a gentleman showed up and said that he’d been gone from here for about six years, but he remembered me, and wondered if I was still going to the Ogden Rescue Mission…(yes we are- most months on the 4th Thursday Nolan and I are there)

So we get to hang out and have a good time; some hungry people get something to eat; and along the way we get to proclaim the good news that Jesus is Lord.
 Anybody want a hotdog?

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