Monday, January 10, 2011

God Does Exciting Things

Do you ever get excited about something? I mean really excited, and you just have to tell someone about it? Maybe it’s a book or a movie. Maybe you’ve found a new restaurant or hairdresser, or got a new job, or signed up for something that is guaranteed to change your life.

(At least until you read the fine print.)

But many of us have been given the greatest of gifts, we’ve been told the greatest of Good News, but for some strange reason, we're not excited; we seem to want to keep quiet about it. Something is wrong with that picture.

So today, since God is working mightily at the church where I’m privileged to serve, I thought it would be fun to share some of what He’s doing! Watching God work is exciting; it’s so exciting that I have to tell somebody – and that somebody is you. (BTW Not many people read my blog, but I’m so excited that I’m telling other people in other ways too!)

This is just some of the exciting stuff that God is doing at Ogden FBC/NBCC:

Exciting: someone on his way to the library, hears a familiar hymn, stops in, stays to worship, and the next week is singing in the choir,
Exciting: someone comes to a service and gets excited enough to be baptized
Exciting: the choir doubles in size and keeps growing.
Exciting: average attendance increases by about 16 %.
Exciting: welcoming people into fellowship with the congregation.
Exciting: a need for more programs and activities for youth and children.
Exciting: people seeing a need and volunteer to fill it: (no more begging!)
Exciting: support is provided to meet the church’s financial needs.
Exciting: helping the next generation take their place in the church hierarchy.
Exciting: unity rather than division
Exciting: fellowship with other churches in the Association and the Region.
Exciting: being part of a church that is recovering after a near death experience
Exciting: to see the Holy Spirit at work in the local church; in individuals and in the congregation as a whole

But all that excitement is not an invitation to get complacent because there is still a lot of work to be done. There are still a lot of people who need to hear the Good News. We exist to worship, and part of the way that we worship is sharing our exciting God stories with others. Yes we want them to come to church, but more than that we want them to experience the excitement that comes from a relationship with the Risen Lord.

So what kind of exciting stuff is God doing in your world today?

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