Saturday, January 22, 2011

NDPA Plunge a Success

It could have been a lot worse. For example, there could have been crocodiles in the water, or piranhas. All we had to deal with was mud and slime under teh water, and a few chunks of something floating on top of the water...oh, yeah, those chunks were giant ice cubes. But it wasn't snowing, (except for a few flurries now and then), the sun was shinging (most of the time), the band was playing, Mrs. Gomberg was enthusiastically encouraging the students, teachers and occasional parent, and there were lots of people out there to support the plungers. Plus everybody seemed to be having a good time. The press came out to cover the event, there was food and hot chocolate (and even some coffee for people like me).

Thirty three people had pre-registered, and most, if not all, of them showed up. After the crowd saw how much fun it was, there were people rushing to get into the water: cheerleaders in uniforms, other students in jeans, and maybe an adult or two. 

I heard that between pledges for the plungers, food sales, registration fees and donations, that several thousand dollars was raised. That's a good thing. It costs a lot to send a kid to Spain for 10 days, and it wouldn't be fair to offer a program that most of the kids couldn't participate in because of the cost. The money from pledges that each student raised goes towards his or her trip.  The rest goes to keeping the costs down, and hopefully in the future a scholarship fund.

If you supported NDPA or an individual plunger, you deserve a big THANKS!

And if you didn't get to participate in some way this year, next year's ninth graders are already looking forward to their turn.

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