Sunday, January 16, 2011

'Polar Bear Plunge' Fund Raiser - I'm getting wet (and COLD)

Dear friends

On Saturday, January 22, Nolan and I will be jumping into the icy cold water at Fort Buenaventura State Park in Ogden, UT for a really good cause. Yes, you heard me right. I will be plunging right into the frigid, pond waters along with several dozen other crazy students, parents and teachers. (My cardiologist said it’s ok for me to plunge, but he did offer a referral to a good shrink ☺) The fun starts at 9:00am...come watch us get wet!

The event, organized by North Davis Preparatory Academy (NDPA), is just one way of enjoying the winter weather in Utah before students head off to see the sunny country of Spain. Attending a Spanish International School gives NDPA students the opportunity to participate in Full Immersion Spanish Course at ‘La Universidad Pontifica de Salamanca’. The program is designed for 9th graders, and Nolan plans to go on next year's trip. NDPA students will be utilizing the Spanish tongue as they complete the immersion program, and earn educational credits along with a diploma.

So here is the deal: I agree to get wet and cold and hope that some of you will, in turn, agree to sponsor Nolan. By making a pledge to support my playful suffering, you will help NDPA fulfill its very serious mission of furthering its students’ education, personal growth, and cultural experience. The suggested minimum pledge is $20.00, but any amount would be appreciated, all funds earned through the plunge will be held on account for Nolan until next year’s trip.

Please let me know if you can make a pledge towards this worthwhile event. Also know
that North Davis Preparatory Academy is a non-profit organization, which emphasizes a
K-9 grade bilingual education. You can learn more about NDPA at Remember, your contribution is tax deductible.

If you can make a pledge, you can let me know the amount now, and then I will follow up with you after the swim to collect your contribution. Or you can go to the school’s website, and make a secure contribution towards my plunge right now. (Donate to Nolan Dumas)

Either way, thank you very much for pledging your support, and encouraging me to freeze my butt off in the process!

And we sure appreciate your prayers as I embark on this latest episode of 'what we do for our kids".

Photographs to follow.
Thanks again,

NDPA is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations may be used as a tax deduction. The State Tax Exemption Number is N21961. The Federal EIN number is 76-0797632.
Thank you for your time and consideration. Nolan and I appreciate your support


  1. Pastor Karl, I'm good for $20.


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  3. I tried to do an on-line pledge adn found the process not very user-friendly. When it tried to charge a convenience fee, i canceled the transaction. (I'll write a check later). Sorry if you found the process cumbersome - next time I'll check it out before recommending.