Wednesday, September 14, 2016

GFA Challenge Day 11 There is a Veil of Tears

     Sometimes a movie motivates you to do something a little out of the ordinary.  In my case 'Veil of Tears' is the movie,  and accepting the 40 day challenge to blog about GFA's suggested topics is the 'out of the ordinary'.

     I first watched Veil of Tears  trailer here a couple of years ago, and have since had a movie night at the church so that others could share the impact.  And quite an impact it made.

     It was hard to sit in a comfortable seat with popcorn and a soda and  see the abject poverty in which some people live. It was hard to see the horrible conditions in which some people live simply because they happened to be born female in the lowest caste system, and then to have their (mostly) arranged marriages seem more like slavery than a marriage. It was difficult to see women turn to prostitution to support the family and feed their children because the husband is an unemployed drunk, who takes very little interest in his family except to beat them for the least (perceived) infraction of the rules-  even those which had never been clearly stated to the people accused of breaking them.

     And how can you justify treating widows poorly simply because their husband has died? Yes in some cases the husband's family blames the widow as causing bad luck in the marriage. And since the widow is so unlucky, no one wants anything to do with her. Widows are often exiled.

     And these women, many of them Hindu, pray to their many gods, but the answer is not to be found. It doesn't matter how many flours they take to a temple, how many plates of food they put out for these gods, things never change. 

     Luckily there are people working in these impoverished areas that come with a different worldview, people who know Jesus and are in the slums for the express purpose of sharing Jesus with those whose dependence on many gods has interfered with them knowing the one true God.

     Pray about how you might help Gospel For Asia send women to help women. 

     You wouldn't want to live that way, why should someone else have to do so?

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