Wednesday, September 14, 2016

HILLSONG Let Hope Rise- the movie coming soon

          One of the most common complaints from the Christian Community here in Utah is about the lack of Christian events: movies, concerts, conferences, etc. SADLY, when we do have those opportunities there are often a lot of excuses keeping us from attending. A lot of us would like to see Christian movies, but they play as limited release. We would like to attend concerts, but they're too far away, or on a school night, and we would really like to attend conferences, but the dates aren't always convenient.
        Once again we have the opportunity to watch a movie. And this one even has the benefit of offering a concert.  HILLSONG--LET HOPE RISE opens in theaters  this Friday, September 16th.  It's a film about worship, and worship as only the group Hillsong knows how to do.
         Here and here are  a couple of clips about the film.You may know the group HILLSONG, or you may simply know their music.  The estimate is that about 50,000,000 people worldwide sing their songs each week. Not bad for a group that came up from nowhere.
        I can't even begin to count the number of songs, but there have been a lot since the group started 20 years ago. One of my favorites, and it's been done by many others, is How Great Is Our God. I think all of us need to remember once in a while that God is, as Tony the Tiger might say, GRRRREAT. It's so easy to get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we forget to acknowledge God, it's easy to want to take credit, it's easy to assume that God is way too busy to have time for our  problems and issues, but the thing is that God is so Great, that he does have time, that he is worthy of our praise and our worship.
         One of the great things about this song, is that it's all about God's greatness. He's great, let's tell the world, and all will see "How Great is Our God.
            Don't forget September 16th

            And once again thanks to my friends at Grace Hill Media, there are some giveaways. A couple of Movie money electronic vouchers, and a couple of Soundtracks from the movie.  But you have to comment to be eligible to win them

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