Tuesday, September 6, 2016

GFA Day 5 of the Challenge These women deserve respect!

       Growing up I was often told to be a gentleman, to respect women, to never hit a girl, and many other things that were perhaps the right things but for the wrong reasons. It is right to respect women, to treat them well, and not hit them, but not because they’re the weaker sex and so need a man to take care of them. Nevertheless, some of those habits remain, and that’s a good thing. But that’s in our country and in our culture.

       In other cultures, women are often seen as 2nd or even 3rd class citizens.  Gospel for Asia shares a movie called Veil of tears (watch the trailer) that shows how women are treated in many cultures.

       Widows are shunned because they obviously bring bad luck or their husbands wouldn’t have died. Baby girls are often seen as a curse rather than a blessing, after all a boy will become a man who cares for his parents, but a girl gets married and cares for her husband’s parents in their old age.

       In many communities comprised of the lowest classes, drug and alcohol abuse is rampant among the men, so if they are able to find work and make a little money it often goes to feeding their habits rather than feeding the family. The women are left to do the best they can –with whatever it takes. Because they often have do violate their moral code to provide for their hungry children, men lose respect for them, and they are treated even worse.

       In many parts of Asia, the poorest communities are filled with women who have no hope. And then they meet Jesus, but it’s often difficult to introduce their husbands to the Savior. Pray for these women, who do  the best they can with such limited resources. Pray that through the grace of God the men of their communities will start seeing them as children of God and learn to treat them with the love, respect and honor that they deserve. After all, their daddy is the King, so each of these women is a princess. 

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