Wednesday, September 21, 2016

GFA Challenge day 16: DAYA's STORY

GFA CHALLENGE DAY 16: Daya’s Story   
     Maybe it hasn’t happened to you yet, but it’s happening more and more frequently in places around the world. Yes around the world, in South Asia, in Europe, in Africa, in Mexico, and even the United States (I saw it in NYC just last month, it happens here in Utah all the time).  Young children are being exploited. Yes they’re being forced into the sex trade, they’re being forced to work long hours in horrible conditions and for very little pay, but those are other blogs on other days.
      Little children are being put on display, not to ‘show off’ how cute the grandkids are, but in an attempt to tug at your heartstrings. Tug at the heart strings and loosen the purse strings. Around the world children are being exploited in this way in order to ‘earn’ money which doesn’t go to feed or shelter the child—it goes for drugs or alcohol. It goes for gambling or prostitutes, it goes toward whatever vice or perceived need the adult might have. But it works. People who would never give a beggar in the street a second glance, can’t bear to see a child in need, and so they give.

     But more and more people are stopping to ask “why are you exploiting this child?” And sadly we have become so accustomed to seeing children being exploited, that heartstrings are untouched, and purse strings remain closed. Our default position becomes one of disbelief, and instead of compassion we feel anger towards anyone who would exploit a small child.

     Exploitation is not always the case, at least not in the way you think. In Daya's case she had been exploited, but now her grandmother was taking care of her, trying to keep her safe, warm, and fed. Unfortunately Grandma needed help providing even the least minimal provisions for her granddaughter. One day someone took the time to ask "why are you exploiting this child?" The answer broke his heart.  

     Shortly thereafter Daya was enrolled in a Bridge of Hope Center where she had a lot of obstacle to overcome. Thanks to the caring staff she has grown into the remarkable young woman that God intended her to be, and today at 15  She knows Jesus as her Lord, and has escaped many of the evils that so many young girls are plagued by. 

Read her story, and see how you can help HERE

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