Monday, September 12, 2016

GFA Day 10: When a Baby is not a cause to celebrate- simply because shes' a girl

What do you want, a boy or a girl? “I don’t care as long as the baby is healthy”. In my circle I hear that a lot, or some variation thereof. Or maybe “We have a girl, so a boy would be nice: one of each”.
But in many parts of the world that’s not the case.         

In parts of Asia, boy babies are desired, and baby girls are often considered nothing to celebrate. In fact they may be seen as a curse. And it’s the woman’s fault. Yes even today when we know so much about ‘where babies come from’ and ‘how they are made’, women are often blamed for not having that baby boy.
But the problem goes far beyond having a son to carry on the family name or inherit the business or land. When not having a baby or having girls can be seen as a curse, then other problems arise. Abuse takes on a whole new meaning. Gender selective abortions are prevalent. Divorce rates skyrocket, and in lands where widows and divorcees are looked on with contempt instead of compassion, there are multiple opportunities for this women to be taken advantage of. They can’t find jobs, so, especially if there are daughters to be cared for, many women turn to prostitution.
And in a world of polytheism, many woman turn to all the gods they know, they pray to hundreds of gods without seeing results, but many times, because of the efforts of Gospel for Asia, there is a Christian pastor or missionary nearby who can share Jesus with these women. And many times Jesus can do what hundreds of gods and idols can’t.
Opportunities exist to help GFA share the love of God, the good news of Jesus, with people that might otherwise never know that there is hope that will rise from despair.  You can donate here to sponsor a woman missionary

And above all you can pray! Pray for the safety of GFA sponsored missionaries and pastors. Pray for opportunities for them to be able to share the Gospel. Pray for the women who hear the good news and respond. 

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