Monday, September 19, 2016

GFA Challenge Day 15: the Persecuted Church and Wrongful Imprisonment.

Thanks to improved DNA testing, we've been hearing lots of stories about people who were accused and convicted of crimes that they didn't commit, and for which they have spent years in jail. We want to cry when we hear about people who have suffered for so long because of a mistake or prejudice or lack of a convincing alibi.  And the only consolation is that if these people were railroaded, at least there was a legal system in place which ensured that resources in place at the time were used in making those decisions, (as misguided and off track as they might be)

But there are certainly places with the misguided accusations, convictions and punishments are done on purpose.  Ask Pastor Samuel, who falls into this category and whose imprisonment lasted 8 years.  It seems like an intentional mistake, which caused a family separation and more turmoil than one cares to deal with.

We claim persecution here because somebody gets offended by our cross jewelry, but in some parts of the world persecution is real. But the question is not about persecution. We all have issues and struggles, the real question is what do we do with those things for which we seem to be suffering. Pastor Samuel decided to put his trust and faith in the Lord, and that served him well during his 8 years of captivity.

The question is, how would you deal with something like that. Would you put your faith in God, your trust in the Lord.  And please, take a minute to think it through. What all might be involved? Most Christians would like to say that they would definitely trust Jesus. Some would but some might have doubts along the way.

So I'll ask again, if you were in this same kind of situation, do you think you would be able to respond with the same kind of trust as Pastor Samuel?  (and I'm not even asking you to tell me your answer, just to consider a game plan for some day when, because of  circumstances beyond your control, you might be in a similar situation

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  1. I pray I am never in that situation. It's scary to even think about.