Friday, September 2, 2016

Stories of God at Work in Asia.

     So the other day i got an email encouraging me to be more consistent with blogging. Yeah I know, most of us struggle with that. But this encouragement came in the form of a challenge, a challenge to tell 40 stories in 40 days. Or within the next year. Or even at my own pace.

     But not just any stories, special stories about how God is at work in Asia. And so I agreed to be a part of the team.  So hopefully over the next 40 days or 12 months, or 5 months, 3 weeks and a day, I'll tell 40 stories. Not my stories, God's stories.
     Luckily the kind folks at Gospel For Asia have stories that need to be shared. That should make it easy for me to be a productive member of the "Blogging for Asia"team.. Wish me luck, encourage me, pray that God will shine in my posts, and that many will hear of Jesus, for the first, the second, or the 3 thousandth time and that His name will be lifted on high.

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